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As we head into October, I know many of you are preparing for Halloween – searching for the most creative costumes and making your own Pinterest masks to earn that “Mom of the Year” badge.
Go ahead, overachieve and make that perfect costume. Better yet, get one delivered straight from Amazon.  You do you, but while you’re at it, we have a touch of encouragement for you. As you dress up your kids {and pups} -will you consider removing your own masks?
What masks are you hiding behind?
Is it the Fear? The Mom or Victim cover? Is it Unworthiness? Or how about Overachiever or People pleaser? How about the Busy card? Pain or Injury?
Which mask are you hiding behind? What are you putting over the real you that keeps you “safe” – that keeps you “playing small” – that “holds you back” from living out your life, your purpose, and your dreams to their truest capacity?
Let’s dig in together this month.