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Make and Take Day 

Wednesday, February  13th 

Our focus in the office for February is Hormone support.  To incorporate that into our monthly make and take, we are setting up a station to make your own linen spray!  We are using Ylang Ylang to support your hormones and bergamot and lemon for some uplifting relaxation.  Bergamot and Lemon pair so nicely with the floral scents of Ylang Ylang!

Holistic Moms Group ~   Schemas in Child Development 

Monday, February  18th at 10:00am

Why is my child constantly carrying things from one room to another only to pack up those items and carry them back again? Why does my child need to step on every.single.crack. in the sidewalk? What is so enticing about spinning in circles? What is my child’s fascination with playing with his food instead of eating it? Why does my child need to take apart and inspect everything in her path?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at our next meeting! Meghan is so excited to share her training in child development and learning from Tinkergarten in this two part series.

We will dive into the world of “Schemas” and empower caregivers to gain a better understanding their children’s inner worlds and support learning and development.

Kids are welcome and we will be providing activities that support the schemas we are talking about to keep them engaged and happily learning!

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