Fresh lavender, sweet geranium, with a touch of lemon…these are just a few of the aromas that greet you when you open our doors.

Welcome to Willow Wellness, the healing sanctuary that was created with love, just for you.

As you step inside, it is our hope that you experience hope, healing, serenity and deep compassion. We serve to promote health and well being; to inspire others to live on purpose with intention and integrity; and to create community.

It’s time to slip off your shoes and enter into wellness…

We encourage you to arrive a handful of minutes early to your appointments to take a moment to breathe and just “be” in our “living room.” When designing this room, our vision was of you, curled up peacefully on the couch in front of the fireplace, perhaps with a book in hand.

We invite you to peruse our lending library and prepare yourself a cup of tea. This is your sacred time; may it be as nourishing as possible.