Fresh lavender, sweet geranium, with a touch of lemon…

These are just a few of the aromas that greet you when you open our doors.

Welcome to Willow Wellness, the healing sanctuary that was created with love, just for you.

As you step inside, it is our hope that you experience hope, healing, serenity and deep compassion. We serve to promote health and well being, to inspire others to live on purpose with intention and integrity and to create community.

It’s time to slip off your shoes and enter into wellness…

We encourage you to arrive a handful of minutes early to your appointments to take a moment to breathe and just “be” in our “living room.”  When designing this room, our vision was of you, curled up peacefully on the couch in front of the fireplace, perhaps with a book in hand.

We invite you to peruse our lending library and prepare yourself a cup of tea.  This is your sacred time; may it be as nourishing as possible.




Dr. Heidi Randall

It is with deep gratitude that Dr. Heidi shares her love for chiropractic and assisting the body in it’s innate healing with each one of you.  She’s committed to bringing you personalized, compassionate chiropractic care, in addition to serving as a community resource for holistic living.

Dr. Heidi incorporates Young Living Essential Oils into her sessions, to assist you in reintegrating mind, body and spirit. When you approach the body as a whole, deep healing can occur. She’s passionate about helping you to live in alignment, with purpose and clarity. When the body achieves balance, it is there, where we can see clearly, know fully and walk with confidence.



Dr. Sydney Mitton

With a passion for assisting the body to heal from within, Dr. Sydney is very excited to be a part of the Willow Wellness team. This could not be a more perfect fit as she believes that healing is physical, emotional, and spiritual in combination with one another.
The use of oils in her practice of chiropractic care is largely due to Dr. Heidi’s influence and she has been on an exciting journey to learn and incorporate them more into her daily life.  She is committed to treating the whole individual and educating her patients to have a deeper understanding in order to advocate for their own health. Dr. Sydney has spent time with many families and looks forward to giving personalized and intentional care to everyone that walks through her door.


Erin MacGirr and Lori Bencsik

Erin or Lori are usually the first smiles to greet you with warmth and understanding.  They are committed to helping you get the most out of your time and care in our office.  Feel free to speak to them about any concerns.

They also love to hear your powerful testimonials about how chiropractic care has improved your life!  We’re so thankful that you chose our office for your care and each team member is committed to upholding our guiding values.




  • Act with integrity
  • Respect each individual
  • Educate daily
  • Learn from one another
  • Embrace accountability
  • Maintain passion
  • Embody servant-mindedness
  • Provide affordable, high quality care
  • Strive to make a fair profit